Since 2005 we have specialized in pioneering & highly successful advanced Informational Medicine detox treatments to help people stop smoking, stop drinking or stop using drugs. In that time, we have helped over 7,000 people to lead healthier and happier lives.

We specialize in addictive substances (nicotine, alcohol, drugs) anything that can help stop these urges, strengthen the resolve to resist these urges or reduce their frequency or intensity can help in overcoming the problem. As a result of our success we have more client feedback than any other treatment center in the US.

We are the only treatment center to have their client testimonials verified by two independent legal firms.

Our treatment methods can help you to either stop drinking, stop smoking or
stop using drugs.

Stop Smoking – Nicotine Detox

Most clients stop smoking in one or two treatment sessions. Clients smoking in excess of 40+ per day may need more than two treatments.

Pre-Book Stop Smoking Appointment

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Stop Drinking – Alcohol Detox

Fast, successful treatment which helps stop the cravings & desire to drink, stop drinking and get your life back. Alcohol pre-book, click here.

Stop Cocaine or Crack Use

We offer the only treatment to help stop cocaine or crack use quickly. It does not rely on counseling or the 12 steps.

Drug Detox & Recovery

Help to stop using drugs including: heroin, methadone or any other drug and regain normal eating & sleeping patterns with our detox & recovery treatment.

Advanced Prescribed Medication Detox

Help to stop prescribed medications and over the counter drugs such as Anti-Depressants, Sleeping Pills, Tranquilisers etc with little to no withdrawals or side-effects with our advanced detox & recovery treatment. There is no need to be dependent.

Alzheimer"s Treatment

Help to improve mental and physical ability. The treatment is safe, painless and takes 2 hours per session over 1 to 10 treatment sessions to improve cognitive function.

Fibromyalgia Treatment

Alleviate symptoms with less pain, more energy, greater mobility, clearer thinking and provides some relief for those who are suffering.

Aftercare Bio-Capsule

Constant treatment & continued aftercare with our unique Bio-Capsule, provides constant treatment 24 hours a day.

No of Treatments
Stop Smoking
1 hour
1 or 2 sessions
Alcohol Detox
2 hours
1 to 3 sessions
Alcohol Support
2 hours
4 to 8 sessions + 3 support
Cocaine or Crack Detox
2 hours
1 to 5 sessions
Drug Detox
2 hours
5 to 10 sessions
Prescribed Medications
2 hours
5 to 10 sessions
Alzheimer"s Treatment
2 hours
1 to 10 sessions + support
Fibromyalgia Treatment
2 hours
1 to 10 sessions + support

Treatment days vary according to volume of usage.

Private Treatment

Each treatment session is very relaxing & painless and carried out in a private room.

What happens during the treatment?
Clients simply sit back and relax during the treatment process which takes one or two hours. Please click on the pictures below to see the treatment process, which is safe & painless.

Our treatment is very different to the usual talking therapies which are time consuming and don"t work for most people. We achieve far better results than any other treatment method.

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