The simple fact remains there is no research into stopping addiction, only studying the effects of addiction, hence why no treatments to help with addiction have come from or are likely to come from official sources.

Alcohol & Drug dependency was once viewed as a condition with no solution and many health professionals, despite clear evidence it can be treated easily and painlessly, continually perpetuate this view.

Patients with dependency problems were considered to have inherited an addictive personality or psychological disorder or to have suffered with a dysfunctional family life.

The medical community lacked the desire to find a treatment for what they labelled a hopeless ‘disease condition" and refused to deal with it, hence why there is no research into stopping addiction.

  • The disease theory spread over the years, reaching every generation, culture and level of society.
  • Dependents accepted their ‘disease" as an undeniable essence of their character, with no hope of escaping the agony.
  • Many dependents fulfilled the stereotypes that society forced them to assume: the role of criminal, drunk or social outcast, rather than patient.
  • No demand for research into treatments for addiction.
  • The focus of current treatment methods is based on ‘living with the problem" and not recovery.
  • Perpetuating the addiction myth.


Flawed Disease Theory

You will find when the addiction services are eventually called to task over their poor performance for the last decade they will blame the theory addiction is a disease, which of course it is not. Those who use this excuse just lack credible treatments to help people stop and so blame their failure on a wider less tangible concept that addiction or dependency is a disease, however the disease theory has been popularized but never ‘proven".

Failed Policy

It is clear from the evidence the present policy for treating addiction has failed as its focus is on ‘addiction management" with drug based maintenance treatments such as Librium or Methadone. There are demands that this system is scrapped and replaced with one that actually focuses on ending addiction rather than seeking to manage it.

But in order to achieve this goal, treatments which actually help to stop dependency will have to be introduced and can no longer be ignored.

Research & Development

How Physics Affects the Human Body

Georges Lakhovsky discovered that all living cells (plants, people, bacteria, parasites, etc) possess attributes which are normally are associated with electronic circuits, Dr. Royal R. Rife found that every disease has a specific frequency and found that certain frequencies can prevent the development of disease, Professor Harold Saxton Burr showed that these L-Fields could be used to predict illness by noting variations in them, Dr Reinhold Voll identified correlations between disease states and changes in the electrical resistance of the various acupuncture points, German biophysicist Fritz-Albert Popp found that a diseased cells will radiate a different photonic signature than healthy cells of the same type and Dr Robert O. Becker found the human body has an electrical frequency and that much about a person"s health can be determined and influenced by it.

The technology is so effective,  a large drug maker is now researching the treatment of diseases by targeting electrical signals in the body using ‘electroceuticals". Their initiative uses electrical impulses rather than the chemicals or biological molecules found in today"s drugs. Moncef Slaoui, chairman of GSK research and development, said ‘bioelectronics" was set to be the next ‘big wave" in medicine.

Help to Stop Alcohol, Drug or Nicotine Dependency

Using the above principles we have developed a treatment method which is non-invasive, drug-free (no additional medication required) and painless to help break the cycle of dependency and continually prove ‘in real life" that our treatment methods are far better than any other detox methods currently available.

Our treatment is completely different, using equipment & formulas, which are not used elsewhere and consistently deliver much better results and client outcomes.

How it Works

Medication (chemistry) targets cells to evoke change in the patients" condition however it is no secret that over 90% of all drugs only work for 30% to 50% of the patients who take them due to their genes which interfere in some way with the medicine. Frequency does not rely on genetics as it targets a specific substance(s) rather than an individual"s cells and so produces much higher response rates. It is well established in physics that everything has at its own frequency range including: living creatures, organs, plants and disease even substances like nicotine, alcohol or drugs have their own frequency range. It works similar to how a radio picks up a frequency broadcast from hundreds of miles away, the body picks up the treatment frequencies via the main acupuncture points on the wrists (no needles are used during this treatment) to help restore any chemical imbalances, cancel out the effects of alcohol/drugs throughout the entire body and stimulate the production of endorphins so withdrawal symptoms are greatly reduced. It is safe, painless and very successful. Click here for further details.

For example, cocaine in the body responds to a high specific pulse frequency of 78Hz and heroin 90Hz. By applying our unique formulation it is possible to create a frequency, which is 180° out of phase and so cancel the effects of heroin in the body, so less heroin is required each day to feel ‘normal". Each treatment reduces dependency, until clean.

Frequencies of the Human Body

The human body has an electrical frequency and that much about a person"s health can be determined by it. Click here for further details.

Physics & frequency is another way for the body to recover which is most similar to how the body functions naturally. Every cell in the body vibrates at a certain frequency, for healthy cells this is between 45 to 55 Hz and groups of cells, which form together make bodily systems such as organs, have their own particular frequency. The health in an organ or system can be measured by the vibrational frequency emanating from it, i.e. a healthy liver has a frequency of 55 to 60Hz.

When the body becomes ill or infected, these normal frequency patterns become distorted and either increase in frequency, known as ‘hyper" in medicine meaning “high, beyond, excessive, above normal" i.e. inflamed, on fire, irritation type conditions or decrease in frequency, known as ‘hypo" in medical terms meaning “low, under, beneath, down, below normal" i.e. for cold, damp, degenerative conditions.

Of course the unwanted virus, toxin or infection also has its own unique frequency which can be isolated and ‘inverted" so it is 180° out of phase, then by delivering the inverted frequencies back to the body, it will neutralize/kill the virus, toxin or infection allowing the organ to recover and normalize therefore recovering in health. By restoring the original pattern, health is restored. It was Dr Royal Rife who first discovered the importance of frequency back in the 1920"s.

There have been clinical studies conducted on the effectiveness of using the above techniques for asthma, allergies & skin disease.

Clinical Trial: Success Rate
Clinical results for treatment of asthma. 93.7%
Clinical results for treatment of allergic diseases. 78% to 89%
Clinical results for treatment of allergic skin diseases 89.9%


By using similar principles to the above it is possible to the remove the frequency patterns of nicotine, alcohol or drugs from the body and so help to the stop the physical dependency for that substance(s).

Advantages of our Detox Treatments

We use complex formulas which help to:

  • reduce dependency by approximately 40% per treatment
  • restore eating patterns
  • restore sleeping patterns
  • restore bowel movements
  • improve overall health & fitness
  • clients experience little or mild withdrawal symptoms

We can help break the cycle and stop drug or alcohol dependency without the need for medication, which often causes other health related problems. Our treatments can help stop dependency, reduce cravings and lower usage and clients usually report improved eating and sleeping patterns with only mild withdrawal symptoms as the effects of drugs or alcohol are neutralized.

We offer help for drug and alcohol detoxification and treatment without pain and without the need for replacement medication.