Advanced Treatment Process

The treatment method is very different and may seem strange to some people however it is clearly the most successful method to help stop smoking, stop drinking or stop using drugs. As the process uses advanced informational medicine (frequency) rather than chemistry (drugs) the only contact required is via two wristbands. It is safe, painless and works very quickly to help you:

  • Stop Smoking
  • Stop Drinking
  • Stop Drug Use
  • Stop Prescribed Medications
  • New: Fibromyalgia Treatment
  • New: Alzheimer"s Treatment
  • New: Chocolate Treatment

The Best Results
Over the last 8 years we have helped over 7,000 clients the stop smoking, stop drinking or stop using drugs with excellent results. Each client receives exactly the same treatment program tailored to their substance(s) which means our success rates are consistently high.

No other treatment center or method anywhere has more ‘successful results or client feedback" making our advanced treatment the logical and natural choice when you want help.

How it Works
It is a scientific fact that every substance, nicotine, alcohol or drugs has a specific frequency (Hz) and opposing frequencies neutralise/cancel each other out.

Stop Drinking Alcohol

Verified Results: No other Stop Drinking method [Hypnosis, Self-Help, NHS, AA, Counseling, Rehab ] has more client feedback or better results.

Stop Drinking Help: The majority of our clients are just ordinary people concerned that they are drinking too much in the evenings or at weekends & want to stop. Suitable for all types of drinkers…

Stop Cocaine or Stop Crack Use

The only instant treatment to help stop Cocaine or Crack use and turn lives around, much more successful & quicker than time consuming counseling sessions. Fast, effective treatment…

Rehab Alternative – Alcohol Support

If you have a more serious alcohol problem and are considering an expensive residential stay, we can help you stop drinking and also provide effective ongoing support…

Stop Drug Use

Verified Results: No other Drug Detox method [NHS, NA, Counselling, Rehab, 12 Steps] has more client feedback or better results.

Help to Stop Daily Dependency for: – Heroin, Heroin Substitutes and any other drugs. Feel fit & well again without withdrawals…

Stop Prescribed Medications

Help to Stop Daily Dependency for over the counter medications: Anti-Depressants, Sleeping Pills, Tranquilizers etc. The only painless solution to an involuntary drug addiction…

New: Alzheimer"s Free Trial

Using our specialist skills and knowledge in advance Informational Medicine and electroceuticals we are developing a treatment for Alzheimer"s…

Stop Smoking Center – Quit Smoking

Verified Results: No other Stop Smoking method [Hypnosis, NRT, NHS, Willpower] has more client feedback or better results.

Helping over 4,500 people to stop smoking and lead healthier lives. The treatment is quick, painless and very affordable…

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