Heroin Detox

‘It works, it really does!!! I was sceptical at the beginning.  I didn"t understand how the treatment works it baffled me. But I had nothing left to loose, I had tried so many other ways to get clean and I never could manage it. The withdrawals process was simply too painful and I would always end up having to use again. I would use simply because it was too horrific and too painful not to use. The withdrawals from heroin left me suicidal and the thing that most appealed to me with this detox was that it promised very little withdrawal symptoms and in many cases none at all. Too good to be true I thought to myself but here I am over a week clean and I feel fantastic. This detox was simply amazing. I was able to detox off one of the most addictive drugs known to man with dignity and most of all very little discomfort. I wouldn"t write this if it wasn"t true, I know if your reading this you are probably in a dark, frightening place right now desperately trying to find a solution to your problems, just like I was days ago. I was frightened, my addiction was out of control and mentally, physically, emotionally I was at rock bottom. I dreaded each new day. But that"s where I was, not where I am today! The solution is here, it’s simple, it’s painless and it has saved my life. Thank you so much to the guys, you were brilliant, honest, helpful and sympathetic. So if you are sceptical like I was, take that leap of faith, I promise you this treatment works, this detox works and not only am I clean from heroin, I am feeling so well physically, emotionally, and mentally, I have my life back and so could you – JUST PICK UP THAT PHONE!! IT WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE!!! Lorraine K

‘At first I was suspicious that I could be detoxed from 8 bags of heroin a day painlessly in only 10 days. The staff were very understanding and as the treatment progressed I was able to use less and less each day until I got down to only 8 lines per day. At this stage I stopped using heroin however I did use some codeine to help and I am pleased to say that I am now ready to stop using codeine as well. Thank you". S.B.

‘I have just finished having my ten day heroin detox. I started off by using 10 to 15 x $10 bags per day. I was run down, not sleeping, hardly eating and was living life for the day. I went for the treatment and instantly felt the difference. I reduced my habit in a slow and painless way and couldn"t believe the benefits of this treatment. I was unsure before I started the treatment but after the first time of coming I reduced dramatically. I would recommend it to anyone as I had a big habit and it worked for me. I would also like to say a big thank you to the staff who helped me every step of the way and saved my life, thanks guys!!". Mr T.S . Reduction: 15 Bags to: 12 bags – 8 bags – 5 bags – 3 bags – 2 bags – 2 bags – 1½ bags – 1 bag – ½ bag – 4 lines – 2 lines – 0

“I have been using crack & heroin for about 3 years and have been to Promis rehab but went back to the drugs within a week. In 5 days of coming here I"ve been sleeping really well and eating properly and no urge to go back. Each day I have felt better and now on the 5th day I feel great and off drugs”. Ms J. W

“I started off on 3 to 4 bags of heroin a day and more if I could afford it. I reduced massively after my first session and have carried on reducing throughout my treatment. I am sleeping and eating a lot better and have had no withdrawals. I am now ready to look and go about life with no gear". Paul K.

“I have been using heroin for 4 years, at the peak of my addiction I was using 3 x $20 bags of gear a day. Having detoxed 4 times before in treatment centers such as Stepps and Promis and experiencing almost unbearable withdrawals, I was scared to give up once and for all. I always wanted to find a detox where the withdrawals were dealt with other than experiencing nasty sickness and having to deal with fierce cravings. As I have found out relapsing is a part of recovery no matter how badly you want to give up each person has to go on their own journey. Often the only thing keeping me on the gear was the physical struggle to get off. I was browsing the internet when I came across the website. Having read the claims they were making it sounded far, far too good to be true! After reading comments by other people who had the treatment and coming to the conclusion that there was no way a company could get away with making such claims, if not true I decided to give it a go. Never have I or would I have ever dreamt of an easier detox. I started the treatment smoking a $20 bag of heroin a day. Each day I cut down my usage by at least 40% to 50%, going from 15 lines to ½ a line in 5 days and experiencing No physical pain and No cravings at all. If someone had of suggested this was possible I would not have believed it. But I know now there is an easy way to detox, thanks to the clinic". T.S.

“I detoxed at the clinic last year, I came off 2 grams of heroin in 5 days it was the most painless detox ever. I have attended NA meetings since then and have found them very helpful. I have made some good friends there who support me in my long term recovery from addiction, people who have been there and come through it. Once I put down the drugs I had to get my life together and people in NA helped me do that as well as me helping them". Peter

“I"ve been a heroin addict for 15 years and have tried many different detox treatments, all of which have failed. Finding the treatment on the internet was the turning point in my life I have been waiting for. At first when I read the statements of the people they have treated, it sounded very promising but so do all the others. But from day 1 I could feel the difference, in the first 4 sessions I had cut down from injecting $40 to $60 a day to smoking $20 a day and I was still working throughout the detox, as said by the other clients the withdrawals symptoms are very mild and completely manageable. They have given me my life back, now I"m going to live it.Thank you". Michael Wilding

“I felt like crap when I arrived on Day 1. By Day 5 I feel like a new man. I can enjoy the little things in life which you won"t understand until you do a detox from heroin & crack. I would recommend the treatment, they do an A1 job. I feel as if he has helped save my life. Thank you so much". TC

“I started the detox on 8mgs of Subutex after taking heroin for the last 10 months. All I can say is excellent!, my sleep patterns have returned to normal straight away whereas the last time I came of heroin just using a subutex reduction, my sleep patterns never returned to normal. Virtually no pain whatsoever, slight bearable cramps in my legs but no shivering, aching etc. I was off the subutex after 3 sessions and feel great after finishing my course of six treatments, a miracle…". LS

“I was absolutely sick and tired of waiting for my GP to put me on yet more drugs, so I made the decision to come to the clinic out of sheer desperation. Having spent most of my adult life on drugs and attending rehabs I was unsure of whether this treatment would work for me. At the beginning of my treatment I was using around $100 of heroin per day, within 7 days I had reduce to just $5.00 a day, with very minimal withdrawal symptoms. During my treatment I was still able to sleep and eat with the cravings to use either gone or reduced to a tolerable level. The treatment itself is absolutely painless and comfortable which is a far cry from what I have gone through before in residential rehab. I now hope to return to university next year and start to enjoy life again. This is by far the quickest and easiest way to detox from heroin that I have experienced. Many Thanks". David Hughes.

“Before I came I was using $80 worth of heroin & $100 worth of crack a day. Within 5 days I had reduced to just 5 lines of heroin and no crack. I would never have done this without their help. I"m also eating & sleeping a whole lot better, in fact better in every way. (I"ve stablised at just 5 lines of heroin a day and should be off it altogether after my next session). Thank you". John Woodham

“After being on heroin for over 10 years, the last 2 of which I was on 80mls with 2 bags on top, I can honestly say after being one of the biggest whingers when it comes to ‘turkeying", there won"t ever be an easier way of getting clean, by day two I had dropped down 55mls with no pain whatsoever. So my only advice would be, if you are in doubt about this treatment, which I was, is to have faith and go for it, after all what do you have to lose! Clean again". Neil O"Brien

“When I first heard about this detox I thought ‘no way…its too good to be true" but after the first session I cut down from $45.00 a day to just $10.00 a day with no sickness, aches or pains. I got my appetite back straight away and after a couple of sessions I was getting a good nights sleep, 8 to 10 hours a night. During the 2 hour treatments I just slept straight through and woke up feeling great. If you really do want to come off heroin, this is the easiest way to do it". Daniel Fulham

“I have been using heroin for 4 years now and didn"t expect the treatment to work but after 2 sessions I noticed a significant improvement in myself. The people around me also recognised this improvement which helped the process. I have tried other courses to get myself ‘clean" but found them very difficult with the withdrawals but this treatment has not left me with those feelings. I am confident that I will not use again and are looking forward to my new life". KW

“My first appointment was at 1pm and I had just flown over from N Ireland that morning and came straight to the clinic, I started the treatment and fell asleep for about 30 minutes which I don"t usually do, it was painless for the 2 hours of the treatment session. I then felt hungry and went to get something to eat. I woke up at 9.30am only waking once in the night, feeling hungry, I had breakfast for the first time in months and felt good. I have cut my addiction by half the first day. I got about 8 to 9 hours sleep last night and woke at 9.30am… the past few days I have been eating breakfast, lunch and dinner and my heroin intake has been lowering day after day… I"m going home after this treatment which is my fourth session and I just need to take it day by day but overall this clinic & the treatment has been worth it as I came over from N Ireland". Alan Kelly

“On the 4th day I didn"t need anything and didn"t want it, so I flushed what I had left. It"s been 48 hours since then and I"ve had no pains or aches and I"m feeling good". Mr MB

“I normally wake up 3 to 4 times a night for 30 to 45 minutes at a time, I only woke once for 10 minutes and woke up this morning feeling fresh and good". Caroline Ogilvy

“I must admit I was sceptical at first but I have to say that this treatment works, after one treatment I have had a fifty per cent reduction and I have been on heroin for eleven years and tried all sorts including Detox5…. I have again had a 50% reduction in drug use and I am definitely sleeping better. I started off on 6 to 8 bags a day and I have been brought down to one bag in 3 days. I haven"t suffered any withdrawal symptoms except a bit of a runny nose". Chris Harvey

“After my first treatment I feel cleaner from heroin with no withdrawal symptoms. I feel more myself and although I thought about using my body didn"t need it. I had no withdrawal symptoms, feeling hungry and all my fears about the treatment were gone. No doubt it works…. I feel good in myself, no depression or fear, just feel positive. Went home after the first treatment, had some food and fell asleep for 6 hours….The second treatment was much the same as the first, sleeping through most of it. I woke feeling good & well, not needing any drugs…. If you really want to stop using this is the way, I am now at the end of my detox, I feel happy, positive and am looking forward to staying clean. This really is something different, unlike any other detox, virtually pain free with little side-effects". David Green

“With this detox you are aware what"s happening to you and it"s like you come back to reality away from the drug world, which to me is a big advantage….I know myself that I will not relapse but personally with other detox programs you are most likely to relapse because your getting sent back to your home after five days of being knocked out so your not in control of your drug taking so I think you will fall back into the same trap of using drugs. I can not recommend the detox highly enough". Miss LT