Cocaine Addiction : the Facts

Professor Nora Volkow research suggests that simply ‘thinking or talking" about it can lead to its use. Hundreds of cocaine users and ex-users were scanned in a PET scanner, while scanning and discussing cocaine or showing images of its use, their dopamine signals/levels increased which control emotional response and their ability to experience pleasure.

Cocaine powder, freebase and crack are all forms of cocaine. They are stimulants with powerful, but short-lived, effects. Stimulants temporarily speed up the processes of your mind and body.

‘Freebase" cocaine and ‘crack" cocaine, can be smoked, and so can reach the brain very rapidly in high dosage. Snorted powder cocaine is absorbed more slowly. Hence, smoked freebase or crack tends to be much stronger and more addictive than snorted powder cocaine.

However, all forms of cocaine prepared for injection (whether powder cocaine or crack) can also reach the brain rapidly in high doses and so can be very addictive too.

Taking cocaine makes users feel on top of the world. Its effect is like the stimulant ‘amphetamines" (speed) but is stronger and doesn"t last as long. People taking it feel wide-awake, confident and on top of their game.

Cocaine is highly risky for anybody with high blood pressure or a heart condition. Perfectly healthy, young people can have a fit or heart attack after taking too much coke and you may not know you"ve got a pre-existing heart condition.

How many treatment sessions will I need?

Most people only need one to five treatment sessions to help them stop using cocaine and break their habits. We can determine how many treatment sessions an individual will require based upon their average daily or weekly usage, please ring for further details.

Are your testimonials genuine?

Yes. We have more client testimonials than any other alcohol/drug treatment center in the US, including The Priory, Promis or any other treatment facility, some centers do not have any client testimonials. Our genuine and comprehensive customer comments are provided months and even years after treatment and confirm how good our treatment actually is and how clients are able to reduce/stop their drug usage with little or no side-effects. We have the original copies available which validate this treatment and its results. All our client testimonials have been verified by independent studies.

Why have I only just heard about this?

If you have only just started looking for the best ways to stop using cocaine that would explain why you have just become aware of our treatment help. Had you been looking for the last 7 years, you would be aware of our addiction therapy and our very successful results.

Isn"t it hard to stop using cocaine?

Yes, everything you have been told about how difficult it can be to stop using cocaine is true when using other treatment methods such as willpower, medication, the 12 steps or counseling, as these processes are either very long (months & years) or is very unpleasant and painful. However, we continually prove ‘in real life" that most of what you have been told does not apply to our clients and treatment results.

How is this method better than other drug treatment methods?

Because it is an actual detox process which neutralizes cocaine and helps stop the craving/desire to use while aiding the body"s natural detox process, so the individual finds it much easier to stop using and regain control. Most people do not find Cocaine Anonymous suitable as it is a weekly support group in a group setting, which is based on the 12 steps and relies on a ‘higher power" to help you stop using, this and other talking therapies do not address the core issue of physical need/desire for cocaine and can take many years, if at all. Our treatments help quickly.

How does dealing with the physical desire help?

Cocaine use is caused by the ‘feeling" that you want/need it, if you don"t have any cocaine available, you will go and buy some, so the physical need motivates your actions. Once the physical desire has gone there is no urge to use and so it is much easier to break the cycle, stop using and regain control. Dealing with the physical desire is the key to helping to stop cocaine use and regaining control quickly.

I drink and use drugs, do I have to pay twice?

No. We can combine our detox formulas for two substances in a ‘dual detox" i.e. alcohol & cocaine, at no extra cost, but this normally adds an extra day to the treatment process.

Is this treatment safe?

Yes this treatment is very safe and there are usually no side-effects or discomfort, although individual experiences may vary. Frequency based treatments have been used in healthcare since the 1970"s with no reported incidents.

What preparation is required?

Very little. You do not require days of preparation, simply continue to use as normal until your appointment. Please try to avoid caffeine & alcohol for 12 hours before your treatment and 24 hours after each treatment. After treatment it helps to drink plenty of water (up to 2 liters) to aid the detox process. You will be guided through the detox process and how to reduce after each treatment session.

How was this treatment developed?

Our treatments represent the biggest breakthrough in addiction therapy in the last 70 years. The basis of biofrequency is not new and was developed in Germany in 1977. By using the correct frequencies in the right order it is possible to remove a substance (cocaine) completely and help stop the need/desire for it. Over the last 7 years we have treated thousands of clients to either, stop smoking, stop drinking or stop using drugs, so the treatment is well established, proven and tested.

How does it work so quickly?

Our treatment uses physics and frequency instead of chemistry (pharmaceutical drugs) to bring about change and works quickly to neutralize or erase the cocaine in the body, so the body does not know it has had that substance and hence does not crave/want it any more. We can help stop the cravings or desire for a substance(s) so the individual feels indifferent towards it and so can stop using it. The key to stopping addiction is to stop the physical need or desire for alcohol or drugs.

Does this treatment imply I will never use drugs again?

No. It helps stop and break the current cycle of drug abuse so the individual can stop using drugs and regain control, which is the hardest part in becoming drug free. Click here for warning signs of relapsing. The responsibility to remain drug free is that of the individual and not a third party.

Is this treatment a cure?

No addiction treatments centers provide a cure. Most people do not need a cure they only need help to stop their cocaine use and to regain control. Our treatment is an aid to achieve this so the individual can break their usage habits. Any person who expects to be cured will not be suitable for this or any other treatment as they seek to remove themselves from the treatment process and blame others for their behavior.

How long does the alcohol treatment program take?

For most people one to five days.


‘I came to you at Harley St for crack cocaine, I would just like to mention that I never thought I would ever be rid of this addiction that I had but you have the solution and cured me with your treatment. I am so grateful to you for the treatment that you gave me. It"s almost like magic. I for one would recommend your treatment to the world to help people that have problems with addiction of any sort. You are brilliant. Well done and keep up the good work. Kind regards". Hossein R

‘Thanks for your help, it"s now 11 weeks without cocaine!". Jeff C

‘I am doing very well and it’s now been 5 weeks without any cocaine cravings. I think about it from time to time, however do not act upon my thoughts. I am staying away from my old life and trying very hard to rebuild a new life. Thank you for everything you have done’. Rav

‘My name is Abdus Sabur, age 40, I married 15 years ago and now have 4 kids, I was hooked on crack for ten years. I was using crack worth $700 to $800 a week. My life was hell and I almost lost my family. I say whoever is in this addiction please contact the clinic, they have saved my life from this serious addiction of crack, I do not know how to thank them. Thank you very much it has been 40 days since I had this treatment, I do not think about crack anymore, I am drug-free, I am a new person and I am happy with my family. Thank you again". Adbus Sabur

‘My name is Oliver I am the doorman you treated a few weeks ago. I would like to start by saying a massive thank you for your help, support, advice but most of all the treatment. I have been blown away by how effective it has been. Things in life in general have been amazing since I came to visit you. Whilst admittedly I have had thought about cocaine on the odd occasion, I have never acted on them. They have been passing thoughts and nothing more. I no longer feel the need, want or the desire to go out and take the drug any more. For the first time in a long time I feel totally in control and I owe you a massive thanks for that. My life is back on track and I"m noticing that in everything I do and everywhere I go. I am off to France for a week just to see my mum and dad and for the first time I feel I can go there without carrying the guilt out there with me. I will write to you again in a month"s time with a further update as to how things are progressing. Once again, many thanks for all your help. Kind regards". Oliver W

‘Still doing really well, thanks". Darren C

‘I received treatment for cocaine use in January 2011, after 12 years of use, it is hard to believe but you just don"t think about it in the same way. In my case I was able to be around others who were using cocaine and I would have no urge to joining them and use it. After about six months people would ask me how it was going as if they expected failure, I always tell them the truth that I don"t do it anymore and they can do exactly the same. My relationship with my wife has improved so much!! We can now afford to go on holiday with all the family whereas before cocaine was pretty much all I cared about. There is no more covering up the truth and convincing myself it"s OK. I feel very lucky and would truly recommend treatment for anyone struggling to stop. It is money well spent and the guys here are genuine and professional. I now spend much more time making my family happier than ever before. Thank you!". Sammy Flannigan

‘My name is Abdul, aged 28 and recently got married. I was caught up in a vicious cycle of crack cocaine addiction which almost wrecked my life. Having admitted to being beyond my will I found addiction therapy on the internet through my sister and agreed a detox program. Over the past few sessions I have been clean off the drug and gotten my life back. I feel so energised and happy with my life now, I love my family and enjoying the drug-free me. For those we care about you, please give treatment a chance and life will hand you back better opportunities. I am grateful to God, my family and the staff for another chance and I can go back home to my lovely wife. I came all the way from Nigeria for this treatment and it"s very worthwhile". Abdul A

‘I"m still doing really well, so thanks again". Darren C

‘Addiction therapy saved my life, my cocaine addiction became progressively worse over the years using from 1 to 2 grams a week up to 3 grams daily, 7 days a week. I was at my wits end and could not see the light at the end of the tunnel or anyway out. It wasn"t until I hit rock bottom until I started looking for help. I researched the internet and found the clinic, I didn"t believe anyone or anything could help but I had nothing to lose. Since treatment I have been clean for 2 years and have just had a beautiful baby girl and am getting married, life couldn"t be better". Helena B

‘I found the website, at this time I was in a dark place with family and relationship problems. I was taking 4 to 5 grams of coke a day and stealing for the money, I even stole from my family for it. I was spiralling out of control and started taking hard class A drugs like amphetamine MCAT, DMT and ecstasy. I came to Harley St in early 2012 for the course. I was sceptical to say the least but was proved wrong as I now can’t even look at the drugs without feeling repulsed. This treatment has changed my life it REALLY DOES WORK!! Cannot thank you enough, I am 100% clean of any drugs at all. Oh yeah I’m 19 years old. Amazing!!! George C

‘I came to the decision to have this therapy at a point where cocaine had complete control of my life using 2 to 3 grms per day 7 days a week. I realised that I was not able to overcome it alone. Counseling and group therapies were not going to be the answer. It was a leap of faith to do this but despite being a natural cynic this process does seem to work. I felt the approach in terms of ‘chat" vs therapy was timed sensitively and although I was initially nervous, I soon felt comfortable and gradually confident. The results were instant and as such could be life altering, the different between resuming a normal life or continuing down a road of destruction – Thank you". Francis S

‘It works very well. Thank you". Mr A.P.

‘I"m back now after 5 months of not using cocaine and as far as I"m concerned, will never use again. This time I"m back to better my life even more by giving up smoking. I can"t express my positive feelings enough about Addiction Therapy and how it has changed my life for the better. My wife and children are a lot happier resulting in a good family home life. My business is back on track and my wife and I have had a lot of comments off family and friends that I am a better and more social person. Thank you". Stephen H

‘Before starting the treatment my addiction which had been mainly controlled to the weekends began to take over my life to the point where I would be drinking and taking cocaine up to 5 days per week. In addition to this I am self employed with a wife and 4 children so not only was I ruining my life but that of my family and the career I had worked so hard to achieve. I had a 5 day treatment in which I was made to feel comfortable and an issue that could be resolved, a far cry from the counseling treatment I had previously encountered. Following the treatment my urges to drink/take cocaine had been removed and I began to realise all the things I had been missing out on by wasting my time on alcohol and drugs. If felt as though all the time in the world to do all the things I wanted. I have now started training in Judo again something that has not been part of my life for 6 years. But most of all the relationship with my family which was on the brink of collapse is now on track. Although I know there is still work ahead I believe without the treatment I have received I would not have had that spring board in order to make the first big leap to a better addiction free life". Mr K Smith

‘Having been a crack cocaine user for 5 years I was very sceptical about the treatment but I found that it was amazing and actually completely got rid of the craving and desire. I was using up to an ounce of gear on a session or spending the best part of five grand over the course of a week. The 5 day detox program has given me the best possible opportunity to get on with my life by eliminating the craving to nothing. It"s incredible, a real life changing move for me. I am now completely free to progress in my life in a positive way and I"m much happier for it. I have many friends with addictions and will be urging them to get on a detox program ASAP!". Mark B

‘For the past 5 years I have been a heavy user of cocaine, spending at the worst point £1,500 per week. On the point of losing my wife and two children I tried private counseling [didn"t work]. My usage of coke peaking again I tried the NHS [DASH] which worked for about 4 weeks but still having the cravings which made it very difficult. Desperate to give up and hours of scanning the internet I found this treatment which I related to a documentary on TV. I made a telephone call and asked every question you could possibly ask not believing the treatment could work. Three months ago I had 3 sessions which has totally changed my life. I"m back now for a top-up, not really needing it (myself) but I definitely do not want to go back to using again. I"ve got my life back in order, a happy wife and children and buzzing with normal life energy. I have had no desire to use or want to use ever again and can"t believe how easy it has been to kick the habit. I highly recommend this treatment because its worked for me, it will work for everyone!". John H

‘After being a user for about 8 years and the problem now a daily thought I thought it was about time to look for help. Most weeks I"ve promised my family that I will give up. I did between 1 – 2 grams a day and drank excessively. With cocaine being so readily available will-power wasn"t enough, I read pretty much every page on the website and decided to take a chance. I have not touched a drop and been ‘nil by mouth and nose" for over a week since treatment started. My daily routines haven"t changed nor have I changed my social circle but I have found the question ‘got any gear?" has completely left my vocabulary. I"m looking forward to what will be probably be the first Christmas with my partner and 3 year old son that hasn"t been distorted by drugs and alcohol". Alan Woolf

‘The treatment seems very effective, reducing cravings dramatically. There is still a lot of work for me to do to beat this but I feel the treatment has helped me take the first step". Mr R. D.

‘For the past 4 years I have been using coke very heavily spending up to £1500.00 a week, when my wife and 2 young children left me over my problem, I knew I had to do something to change my life. After trying several things and relapsing every time, I knew I would be dead soon if I didn"t sort myself out. When I found out about clinic on the internet, I phoned up and within 48 hours I was in the clinic and starting my 1 st session. 5 Sessions later I feel like a new person with a very positive outlook on life, I don"t feel the need for coke and for the 1 st time in 4 years I have been clean for 2 straight weeks and feel more confident and better every day. I strongly recommend this treatment to anyone and I owe the staff and clinic a very big thank-you for helping me change my life and giving me my self-respect back and confidence once again. Thank you very much". R.M.

“I used to think about coke whenever I was awake and used a lot two times a week. After treatment I"ve not touched it and don"t even think about it anymore which is fantastic news and I"ve saved £2,000 per month by not using it. This treatment was money well spent". Mr S Scott [also stop smoking with the clinic].

“Thank you for the treatment I recently received, all is good 5 weeks now without cocaine. Back where I belong with my family and have stared a new business looking forward to a happy and drug free future". R. Moore.

“It"s absolutely great, it"s hard to believe that this treatment works but when you have the treatment you definitely feel the difference. Thanks to the staff for their help". Nasar Akram – “Being a long term family friend, I understand the suffering both the family and the drug user go through. Since the treatment 4 weeks have passed without him feeling any desire to take the drug (crack/coke) again. This is a great method of treatment fast & effective". Family Friend

‘I couldn"t believe the way this treatment has worked, I didn"t think it was going to to work but it is amazing. I don"t get any cravings at all, I don"t even think about cocaine. I would recommend this any day. I have enjoyed the whole experience". I.M.

“Thank you for everything the combined alcohol and cocaine treatment seems to have worked, went out for my birthday night out with all my drinking buddies and did not touch a drop of alcohol or indulge in a line! Thank you". Hayley H

“I was using cocaine for about 8 years and would binge at least 3 times a week and use up to 50 grams when binging. After having treatment I physically don"t want it any more and would recommend this treatment to anyone". Silvio De Souza

“Cannabis then ecstasy then cocaine 3 to 9 grams a day and $17,000 debts after 8 years of drugs. What helped me? The 12 steps didn"t nor did private counseling at $70 an hour! The only thing that helped me was this treatment, I"m clean now for 2 months and so happy you wouldn"t believe it, I have my life back. Thanks". CJB

“I have had many a fun night from about 17 years old dabbling with the odd drug on a night out, clubbing, raving and socialising – no regrets – however at the age of 34 soon to be 35, I was down a very dark road from the years prior. Coke cost me 2 jobs and distanced me from my close friends and family. As a light user of cocaine for 10 years, the last two have been hell. My consumption increased tenfold and I was eventually taking it daily. 2 to 4 bags at weekends and almost 1 every week night. I reached breaking point 3 weeks ago and just had got to the point of ‘sort this out". Been kidding myself for years I had the coke under control and I could stop but I couldn"t! I contacted the clinic and I have had 4 sessions! I am writing this whilst sat in my last treatment! Today is the first Saturday morning I have been up before 3pm ! Last night was the first Friday I have been clean in years – feeling great and I still think about coke but have NO craving or desire to entertain it! Thanks to them I have got my life back eventually! I found the website by luck as there are hundreds out there and thankfully hit pot luck 1st time. Will have recouped cost of treatment within 2 months – worth every penny! Thanks guys!”.
Miss A.C.

“I"d been using crack for around 7 years and in the last 8 months or so stepped up to using between a few hundred to over a £1,000 a week. Finally my family found out and offered to help me through the difficult phase of cleaning myself up before it took everything else away. I didn"t feel the standard detox programs of sitting in groups, chatting, putting more drugs into my system to clean out crack or substituting crack for God was for me. My family found on the internet the detox and after researching we decided to give it a go. I can only describe the results as being ‘back to normal." I can only say I wish I"d found it earlier and saved thousands of pounds and much heart ache for my family. I can think about having children now without the fear of passing on crack through my system. I can think about decorating my new house (that I"m now NOT going to lose through crack debt). I can look my family in the eye and know I"m not hiding a secret. I feel clean, happy and normal".  Peter M.  

“I would like to thank you for the 3 days of treatment you carried out for me to help with my cocaine addiction. Since my treatment, which has been over 6 weeks now I have had no desire to take cocaine. As you know I have been using cocaine on a regular basis for the past 18 years, with your treatment it has allowed me to still socialise with my friends and family in situations where I thought that I would never be able to attend. The complete desire to use cocaine has now disappeared and leaving me free to carry on with the rest of my life. I am enjoying the freedom that I now have, which I never experienced in all my using days. I have recommended your treatment to friends and colleagues of mine, which are still suffering from drug addiction and require a new way of life just like I now have. It was great to meet you and thank you for your support. Regards". P Griffiths (p.s. my wife has also stopped smoking with them as well).

“On the morning of my treatment I woke up feeling very nervous, anxious and scared of not being able to resist the temptation of coke. The following day after my first treatment I was much better and woke up feeling more cheerful and with a lot more energy and positive. As I left the clinic on the 3rd day things had improved even more. I didn"t feel like using any coke, not even when out drinking which had also been dramatically cut down to just 2 glasses of wine. I"m feeling fine now, feel ‘new" and about to start a new life. It"s good to be back to normal again". Ms C. R.

“I was using about $300 of crack a day and drinking heavily before I came for treatment, I used coke and crack for about 10 years. I had treatment at the clinic and after the first one I felt better and did not use after the next three, I did not have the urge to use crack or have a drink at all. It was quite amazing not to be using at all as I could not foresee that ever happening. I have since been back for one more session and have still not used anything. The treatment seems to work and I would tell people to try it. I have told some of my friends to try it also".
P Hannah

“Had the treatment 6 months ago and not had any cocaine since, feeling great, getting on with my life and left the drug life behind. Great treatment, it really works". Alan G

“I was spending £200 to £300 a week on cocaine and crack and had been for the past 4 years, so much so that at the age of 38 I was living back with my parents as my business and personal life had been taken over by these wasteful drugs. I attended 5 days of treatment 4 months ago and since day 3 of the treatment have not had any desire for any drugs whatsoever. I am beginning to get back on my feet again and feel that the clinic was a turning point in my life". Eddie J

“I was using cocaine for over 3 years and was using more and more on nights out and even when staying in. I did some research on the net and decided this treatment offered me the best option. I wasn"t addicted just using it a lot and was worried where I could end up, since treatment I have not had any cocaine now for over 11 months and feel I never will again". James R

“A have spent fortune on coke and decided enough was enough and looked for ways to end the cycle of daily use. I didn"t fancy counselling as I don"t have time to sit there and talk about things, so I chose this as they assured me, after 3 days of treatment I wouldn"t want any more cocaine and guess what, they were right. It"s been 5 months since my treatment and haven"t had any thoughts about using, so thanks". Patrick Green

“My main problem with cocaine was at the weekends when I was out with the girls and the drinks were flowing freely. I would use 2 to 3 grams a night and feel dreadful the following day. I had the treatment and have stopped using cocaine at the weekends. I would recommend this treatment to any ‘it" girl, you can still party without drugs!”. Rose D

“Having been using crack for the past 8 years, it was difficult for me to see how I would ever stop using it and had tried many times before, all of which had little to no impact. My family paid for me to attend the clinic and after 3 days of treatment I have not had any crack in over 7 months and have completely left that life behind me. Stop smoking and get busy". Alan C

“I used cocaine on nights out with the girls however when I started using it during the day I realised it was getting too much. I had 3 treatments which totally stopped any cravings and I just didn"t want it any more. I still have girlie nights out but have no interest in cocaine". Tanya H

“Having previously tried counselling to help with my cocaine addiction but to no avail, I am amazed at the difference this treatment has made to my life. I was very surprised at how quick and painless the treatment was and after only 2 days I had no cravings at all. I have now gone 4 weeks without taking cocaine and have no desire to take it again. When you take cocaine you believe that you are OK and that your head is fine, but it is not until you stop taking it that you actually realise that you are a different person.  I would recommend this treatment to anyone. There is absolutely nothing to fear and I felt very relaxed throughout my time at the clinic. My therapist was so easy to talk to, helpful and extremely friendly.  My family are amazed at the difference and tell me that they are glad to have the real me back again. I am much happier in myself now too, as well as having a lot more money to spend on my wife and children. It has been worth every penny and more. I cannot commend it enough. Many thanks". GC

“Thanks for all your help, been off it now for 8 months and doing fine". JC

“Before I started the treatment I was using between 1 to 4 grams of cocaine per day. This was dependent on how much money I could get a hold of. The treatment I received was over a five day period, I was amazed at the change I noticed on day 3, when the session had finished and I went home, I had no craving or desire to use cocaine at all. There have been no withdrawals symptoms and the treatment is completely painless. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with a cocaine habit they don"t want to have any more. It certainly worked for me and I had tried everything to rid myself of my 10 year addition. It really does work and I am the proof! Many thanks for the new life you have given me, it is worth every penny". Emma T

“My name is John Ghoukassian I was using cocaine for about 5 years, up to a year ago I was £300 to £400 a day sometimes maybe more. In the last year I was using about £400 a week due to not having enough money to feed my habit. Since I found out about the clinic from the first session I felt a difference, now I"ve had my fourth session I feel like a completely new person, I don"t have any cravings or urges to touch it again, I can talk about it freely and not have the urge to buy it or even think of it. I finally feel I"ve got my life back thanks to the help of my family, girlfriend and you and great thanks to the staff, they were great support. Thank God I"m back to my old self and I"m never going back through that dark tunnel". John Ghoukassian

“I use to think cocaine was making my life better, now I know it made it worse and was costing me $300 to $400 a week. it has worked for me and I use to think I was a hopeless case who couldn"t say no. Not touched the stuff for months and have no desire to again". Lisa A

“I saved myself $140 yesterday in NOT buying drugs, total saved about £450 this week alone". Phil Preston

“I think the treatment is a great success and is a great help and I would recommend anyone with this sort of drug problem to come for treatment". Mr Edwards

“Cocaine ruined my life but it"s easy to beat with this treatment". D Thompson

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