Alcohol Addiction : the Facts

Alcohol is seen by many as a more socially acceptable drug, but that"s not to say it"s any less powerful than other drugs. Technically speaking, it"s a nervous system depressant, which means it slows down your body"s responses in all kinds of way. Just enough can make you feel great, too much and you"ll have a hangover the next day.

One drink too many can leave you feeling out of control – like slurring your words, losing your balance and vomiting. Official guidelines recommend that men shouldn"t regularly drink more than 3-4 units a day and women shouldn"t regularly drink more than 2-3 units a day because of the harm this may cause. The guidelines also recommend that after an episode of heavy drinking, it"s advisable to refrain from drinking for 48 hours to allow the tissues to recover.

Psychological and physical dependence on alcohol can creep up on you. Tolerance gradually increases the more you drink excessively on a regular basis, so you may find you"ll need more alcohol to reach the same state. In other words, you may seem to be getting better at holding your drink when that"s really a sign of a developing problem.

Serious overindulgence can lead to alcohol poisoning which could put you in a coma or even kill you. We have helped many clients either stop drinking completely or gain control over their alcohol use and become responsible social drinkers again.

Psychological effects
Although alcohol initially makes people feel relaxed, long term excessive use can ultimately increase anxiety and cause depression. It is also related to problems with sleeping, mood-swings, violence and suicide (about two-thirds of suicide attempts are thought to involve alcohol).

Alcohol can be a dangerous drug. Drinking too much too often will cause physical damage, increase the risk of getting some diseases, and make other diseases worse. Please read some of our customer comments below on how they stopped drinking with our help.

The 12 Steps
Are the 12 steps an out of date concept to stop drinking? Many experts think they are.

Some Common Questions & Answers for Alcohol:

How many treatment sessions will I need?

Most people only need one to three sessions to help stop drinking and re-balance their alcohol use. We can determine how many treatment sessions an individual will require based upon their average daily consumption, please ring for further details on 0845 466 1400.

What is your success rate?

Our success rates are very high with approximately 98% of clients achieving their goals. We can help make the individual feel ‘indifferent" towards alcohol and so they can break the cycle and stop drinking. This gives the individual the opportunity to regain control, which is the goal for most clients. The main reason the treatment would not work completely would be due to not having enough treatment sessions to counter the amount of alcohol consumed daily.

Are your testimonials genuine?

Yes. We have more client testimonials than any other alcohol treatment center in the UK as our treatment methods work. Our genuine and comprehensive customer comments are provided months and even years after treatment and confirm how clients have been able to stop drinking and change their drinking habits which is their goal. Our clients comments are inspected and verified annually by independent solicitors.

How is this treatment better than ANY other alcohol treatment method?

Because it works. We use a high-tech treatment process which helps stop the craving/desire to drink while aiding the body"s natural detox process, so the individual finds it much easier to stop drinking, break their drinking habit and regain control. Most people are not drinking enough to justify the use of drugs which seldom work anyway but can cause further prescription drug addiction and dependency problems. 95% of people do not find Alcoholics Anonymous suitable and do not want to attend weekly meetings in a group setting based on the 12 steps that relies on a ‘higher power" to help them stop drinking, this and other talking therapies do not address the urge to drink and can take many years to have an effect, if at all. Our treatment can help quickly.

How does dealing with the physical desire help?

Regular drinking is caused by the ‘feeling" that you want/need alcohol, if you don"t have any alcohol in the house, you will go and buy some, so the physical need motivates our actions. Once the physical desire has gone there is no urge to drink and so it is much easier to break the cycle, stop drinking and regain control. Dealing with the physical desire, no matter how small is the key to stopping drinking and changing drinking habits quickly.

What about the psychological side?

We have found over the last 7 years clients change their mental and physical relationship with alcohol very quickly. Once the physical urge to drink has gone clients adjust mentally to how they want to drink rather than feeling they should drink. The psychological and physical relationship are closely linked, after treatment client are able to change their mental approach to alcohol much easier than before, please read our client comments which explain how this treatment helps both ‘mentally and physically" in much more detail.

I drink and use drugs, do I have to pay twice?

No. We can combine our detox formulas for two substances in a ‘dual detox" i.e. alcohol & cocaine, at no extra cost.

Is AA and the 12 Steps the most effective alcohol treatment?

No. Attending AA does not involve any ‘treatment", they follow the 12 steps in a hope one will stop drinking, however many people who are following ‘the steps" are still drinking. The 12 steps were drafted in 1935 and have no ‘intervention" properties, they involve a process of prayer and meditation to achieve a ‘spiritual awakening". In fact the Ditman Study provided evidence that AA is no more effective than doing nothing or ‘no treatment at all". New member drop out rates, the percentage of those that leave is, 81% after one month, 90% after 3 months, 95% after 12 months. AA have a 5% retention rate, yet are perceived as a successful organisation.

How does this method compare to a residential stay?

Far better. Most people reading this page are not drinking enough to need a residential stay but are drinking too much to stop on their own. In a residential setting the individual follows the 12 steps and is denied access to alcohol, as soon as they return to normal life, many people start drinking again. With our help the individual has the normal access to alcohol but finds it much easier not to drink. This is immediate proof the treatment is working and breaking the old drinking habits, so the individual can stop drinking and change their drinking habits.

Why have I not heard about this before?

Because it is not available on the NHS. A lot of people already have as we have treated thousands of clients, however if you have only just started looking for the best way to stop drinking that would explain why you have just become aware of how we can help. Had you been looking for the last 7 years, you would be aware of our methods and how successful they are to help stop drinking.

What is the focus of current treatment methods?

It is widely acknowledged the focus of ‘treatment" for alcohol problems over the past 30 to 40 years is based solely on ‘living with the problem", rather than stopping it. The focus of our method is based on ‘stopping" and not maintenance. Our treatments will help stop alcohol use in 1 to 3 days for most people depending on the amount of alcohol used daily, so the individual finds it much easier to stop drinking.

How can it help me to change my drinking habits?

The treatment helps break the current cycle of alcohol use, so the individual finds it much easier to stop drinking and have a period of abstinence. Some clients want to reintroduce alcohol but drink responsibly afterwards while others choose not to drink at all or only on social occasions. The long-term success of any treatment is down to the individual and ‘their choices".

Isn"t it hard to stop drinking?

Yes, everything you have been told about how difficult it can be to stop drinking is true when using other treatment methods such as willpower, medication or counselling, as none of these processes actually help stop the desire to drink alcohol and either take months or years to have an effect but most people have stopped trying by then. We continually prove ‘in real life" that most of what you have been told does not apply to clients who use our method to help them stop drinking.

What help is available from my GP/NHS?

Very little. A Health select committee of MP"s has branded NHS alcohol treatment services in the UK as ‘dire‘ as ‘evidence based clinical treatments" for alcohol use do not work, click here to read more. GP"s have been told by their union to refer patients to NHS alcohol services or prescribe drugs like benzodiazepines or valium. They prescribe these anxiety drugs (anti-depressants) which don"t work and don"t help the individual to stop drinking but they are very addictive which creates a new problem of ‘drug-dependency" for the individual, they also have very serious side effects.

How does it work so quickly?

Our treatments use physics instead of chemistry (pharmaceutical drugs) to bring about change and works quickly to neutralise or erase the alcohol in the body so it doesn"t crave or want it any more. The key to stopping drinking is helping to stop the physical need or desire for alcohol.

How does it work?

Any clinical scientist will tell you, laboratory results will only stand up when the treatment is used in the real world. Medication (chemistry) targets cells to evoke change in the patients" condition however it is no secret that over 90% of ALL drugs only work for 30% to 50% of the people using them due to the fact drugs are ‘tested" in highly artificial and controlled conditions and patients genes which interfere ‘in some way" with the medicine. Treatments based on ‘frequencies" do not rely on genetics as they target a specific substance(s) rather than an individual"s cells and so produces much higher response rates. It is well established in physics that everything has its own frequency range including: living creatures, organs, plants and disease even substances like nicotine, alcohol or drugs have their own frequency range. Our treatment works similar to how a radio picks up a frequency broadcast from hundreds of miles away, the body picks up the treatment frequencies via the main acupuncture points on the wrists (no needles are used during this treatment) to successfully cancel/erase the effects of alcohol throughout the entire body and stimulate the production of endorphins so withdrawal symptoms are greatly reduced. It is safe, painless and very successful. Click here for further details.

How was this treatment developed?

Our alcohol treatment represent the biggest breakthrough in addiction therapy in the last 70 years. The basis of biofrequency is not new and was developed in Germany in 1977. By using the correct frequencies in the right order it is possible to remove a substance (alcohol) completely and help stop the body"s dependency for it. Over the last 7 years we have treated thousands of clients to either, stop smoking, stop drinking or stop using drugs, so the treatment is well established, proven and tested.

Is it safe?

Yes, we have carried out more than 10,000 individual treatment sessions to help people either stop smoking, stop drinking or stop using drugs, so the treatment process is well established and proven. It is safe, painless and very successful. It uses harmless frequencies, which are completely painless but very effective for neutralising alcohol. Frequency based treatments have been used in healthcare since the 1970"s with no reported incidents.

Are there any side-effects?

Not usually as no medication is involved however individual experiences may vary as with any treatment method. The most likely side-effect is mild dehydration due to the detox process however to combat this we ask clients to drink more water than normal post treatment.

Why has no-one else developed this treatment or something like it?

Because there is no research into stopping dependency, the Royal College of Psychiatrists estimates that only ¼ of 1% of the budget to fight drugs misuse is spent on officials studying ‘the effects" of alcohol use, not looking for a cure. As there is no research into stopping addiction this explains why no treatments to help with addiction have come from this area or is likely to come from this area in the future.

What does any addiction research usually focus on?

Any research into alcohol problems is based on developing more chemical based drug treatments that allow the individual to ‘live with the problem", not help stop it.

Why do I need to help myself?

Because current ‘treatment" methods will not help you to stop drinking. There is no research into stopping alcohol addiction, no interest from the addiction services for any type of treatment that helps with addiction and any non-pharmaceutical treatments are simply ignored, so it"s clear the only way to get the treatment you want and need is to use private treatment.

Will I have any withdrawal symptoms?

Most people can stop drinking without any withdrawal symptoms, although individual experiences may vary.

How long does the alcohol treatment program take?

For most people the alcohol detox program takes (2 hours/daily) for 1 to 3 days depending on the amount of alcohol used daily.

How do I know this treatment may help?

It works for nearly everyone depending upon him or her, actually wanting to stop drinking and following the treatment program & instructions as full client commitment is essential for the best results. This treatment is not suitable for people who have mental health issues, expect to be cured or are unable to follow simple instructions.

Can I have the stop drinking and stop smoking treatment at the same time?

No as they are 2 separate formulas. We normally recommend the alcohol treatment first, followed by the stop smoking treatment about 2 weeks later.

Will I require any bed-rest after treatment?

After treatment most people will feel fit & well without any side-effects, although individual experiences may vary.

‘Just a little note on how it"s going, GREAT! Not had a drink since the 30th January, don"t know how it works but it is brilliant. I feel back in charge and its great waking up fresh every morning. I can"t thank you enough for getting me back on track. I do not even think about wine o"clcok, it"s a thing of the past. Many, many thank you"s". Claire M

‘Had my treatment on the 17th January, next morning woke up as a new person, so happy with different attitude to the world around me! Could not believe I"m free from addiction, day after day don"t even think about drinking, was so busy with other stuff I"ve been putting aside for a long time. What I want to say is a big THANK YOU as you made me feel my real self and helped me back to my sober nature. Thank you again". Alla

‘I attended your London centre on the 4th January for alcohol treatment and I am absolutely delighted with the results. I have not touched a drop of alcohol since and have not experienced any cravings or strong desire to do so. Thank you very much for helping me to overcome my previous alcohol dependency – the fresh start which, as a result, I am experiencing is immensely liberating. Thank you! Steven S

‘All going very well, haven"t touched a drop, feeling and sleeping much better and losing weight! Best Wishes" Jo

‘I haven"t had any alcohol at all and feeling very pleased with myself. I"m still going to bed with a smile on my face and I"ve lost ¾ stone in weight. I intend to go for the full 6 weeks before I have a drink". Lorraine S

‘It has been four weeks now since I had my detox treatment with you and have done really well not to have a drink, it was hard at first but has got easier. I feel so much better since I stopped drinking, I am sleeping better, I feel more confident and focused during the day which has improved how I work. Thank you very much, I would recommend the treatment to anybody with an addiction it really works! Best wishes". G Moss

‘Without this treatment I would still be a heavy drinker and maybe not alive as I had a fatty liver through drinking and bad diet. I would drink until I had memory loss and drink 10 to 12 pints a night, night on night off, within a 3 to 4 hour session. Since I found this treatment 14 months ago, it has totally turned my life around the urge to drink is seldom there. I can go in the pub now and not drink I don"t wake up with any cravings, I get the urge to socialise but not drink. I shouldn"t have had to find this place, it should be widely available to every man in the street, everyone should know about it. I believe the Government should promote this treatment. Thank you". Rob J

‘I feel fantastic, I haven"t had a drink since my treatment, I have had no cravings or feel the need to have a drink. I don"t know how you did it but I can"t thank you enough! We have been to the pub a few times and I"ve had water. It doesn"t bother me watching others with their glasses of wine etc and when I look back I wonder why I ever let myself get into such a state!! Once again thanks for everything. Hope you are well and keep up the good work". Andrea

‘All things are going well, going into my 5th week now!". Jeff C

‘Well it"s been 3 weeks since the treatment and I haven"t had any alcohol – amazing! I"ve been to a party and I drove home – unheard of! Can"t believe the results and I seem to have much more energy. I"m still drinking decaf tea and coffee too. I"ve had moments when I fancied a glass of wine, especially early doors but it soon passed. I"m very proud of myself! Thank you so much". Tracey L

‘Just come back from 10 days in Tenerife and whilst it wasn"t an alcohol free holiday, I have substantially reduced my alcohol consumption. At most it was a bottle of wine between two people every other night, so a big improvement from past consumptions. Back home now and intend getting refocused. The aim is to drink only socially as and when which I think should be easy to manage as the urge for a glass of wine does as you told me pass quite quickly". Anne D

‘I will forward a full letter shortly detailing my progress and how delighted I am with your service. Thank you". Louise

‘Very relaxed atmosphere and treatment explained clearly. I have not consumed any alcohol since my treatment and have no urge to. Regards". Steve T

‘I am a psychotherapist/clinical hypnotherapist and have referred three of my clients to you for help with alcohol cessation. Each of them has come away from your clinic absolutely delighted with the results and are now no longer drinkers. I have been so impressed with the results that I have asked a close relative to contact you and I believe he is with you this week. I wonder if you would send me any leaflets you may have in order for me to pass them on to the people who come to me rather than my asking them to look you up on the internet?". E Jones DC Hyp. Dip Couns (MBACP)

‘Programme is going very well, cut down to 14 units of alcohol a week which is a massive 75% to 80% of previous consumption. Feeling great and very positive". Susan

‘I"m very happy as I have still not had a drink since I came to see you. I"m back at work and my house and my affairs are running so well with a clear head. I feel so productive and hope to book for the no smoking treatment in a couple of months". Vanessa R

‘All still going well, had one lager on last day of Turkey holidays, otherwise just water which was fine. Feeling very good, thanks again". Maureen C

‘I am delighted with the results of the two day treatment I received nearly five weeks ago. No cravings although I had a couple of social occasions last week and did have a few glasses of wine but found it easy to return to being abstinent since then". D Ellis

‘Since undergoing the treatment, I have not had a drink or felt the need to have one. I will be sticking to the agreement of not having any for three months. I have been out with family and friends to function and for meals where they consumed alcohol and I bought them alcohol but did not have any or felt the need for any or felt that I was missing out. Regards". Roy G

‘It is 5 weeks since my last drink and I feel great. Sleeping much better, energy levels much better and not really felt any urge to have a drink. The only time I miss a drink really is when out for a meal and I see people having wine with their meal and think that would be nice. But still going with how I feel and not having a drink for the sake of it! Thanks very much for all your help and speak to you soon. Kind regards". David O

‘I am continuing to abstain from alcohol for at least three months as discussed" Roy G

‘My name is Alin Papuc and I had the alcohol treatment on the 30th June 2011 and from that day I stopped drinking. My family help and support me and I recommend it to all my friends and I hope one day they will take the big decision to have the treatment like I did. Thank you very much for your help" Alin Papuc

"I travelled from the Netherlands to have this treatment [3 days], on the alcohol front I can honestly say that the treatment appears to have worked and my general feeling towards alcohol consumption has changed dramatically. I have had a couple of glasses of wine whilst out along with other non-alcoholic drinks and feel pretty much in control of the situation at all times now. None of the usual let"s have another impulse and the predictable journey into obliteration and mayhem. Your treatment has basically turned it around for me and I would just like to express my deepest gratitude for that and the fact that you were prepared to do me a deal on what has basically been a life changing experience. Thanks again and I will keep you posted". Steve T

‘I am pleased to report that 4 weeks in I have not touched a drop of alcohol, despite attending several social function, including dinner parties with my old drinking buddies! The treatment has certainly reduced, in fact virtually removed the craving so I thank you for that and so does my family. Thanks again". Peter S

‘I am incredibly grateful to you for the treatment you gave me. When I found your website I was at my lowest with my drinking, so out of control and desperate. I had been a binge drinker for up to 20 years and alcohol consumption was up to two bottles of wine 3, 4 maybe 5 times a week. I would drink if I was happy, if I was sad or anxious, basically any excuse! In the supermarket I always made straight for the wine, convincing myself that I was buying it because it was on offer. My life was a constant rollercoaster of drinking and feeling on top of the world to days of extreme hangover, depression and shame. Worst of all were the blackouts, wondering what I had said or done the night before. My cravings for alcohol were intense and my family were at their wits end convinced I could never change. So when I came across your website and read all your testimonials I felt very excited to a) relate to so many people and b) read so many success stories. I then booked in and you sounded so understanding and re-assuring and after my two treatments when you said I should no longer crave alcohol, I was skeptical and my family even more so. But from the moment I walked out of your clinic I can honestly say hand on heart I have not had any craving or inclination to touch a drop of alcohol. Now when I see it on TV or in the shops I don"t have any association or love affair with it anymore. It doesn"t even register with me. Awesome!! It really does work. It is truly amazing, I wish I had heard about you sooner. You are a lifesaver and this is by far the only addiction therapy that treats the symptoms and helps you. My family want to hug and thank you too. I finally have my life back. Please, please, please anyone reading this and feeling like I did a month ago (in a very dark place) book your treatment today as it will be the best thing you have ever done and the beginning of the rest of your life. A million thanks". Sharon O

‘I am doing really well after my two sessions with you and it is going well. I have not wanted any alcohol and attended my brothers wedding on July 14th and was able to control my drinking. I had a few drinks and was able to enjoy myself". Alex E

‘I underwent two treatment sessions a couple of years ago at this clinic. The purpose of the visit was to give up drinking excessive amounts. To be honest at the start I had my doubts but then I said to myself I"ll give it a go. Since then I have significantly cut down my alcohol consumption from my four or five pints four nights a week to just one night a week, so I can say it definitely had some effect on me and would recommend this treatment to others with similar problems".

‘Just to let you know I think you are the Mother Theresa of the addiction world. Came back to you over 3 weeks ago for the stop smoking therapy and have not touched one since. Truly it is incredible something that really does work. Everything else is a waste of time and money. This helps the craving and makes you feel how you used to before you had an addiction. You don"t even think about it. Thanks once again". Sharon O

‘Just to say thanks for the drinking treatment. I have not touched a drop in almost 7 weeks and I do not feel like need to. I"ve combined your treatment with the Allen Carr controlled drinking book and I am much happier for it. I know you mentioned about stopping for at least 4-6 weeks but I"ve gotten used to feeling a lot better so its my choice to stay stopped for a while longer. Thanks for the help". Steve H

‘Progressing well still no alcohol, feeling good and defiantly stronger. Thanks for all you help". Gary S

‘It is now six weeks since I first visited you and I must say that I have not had any alcohol since that time. This not only equals but exceeds my last attempt at abstinence some time ago. I hope that this is a taste of the future". Brian W

‘The treatment has been an amazing success – 4½ weeks without a drink, 1½ stone lost in weight and I sleep without ‘vivid" dreams, not to mention how much healthier I feel. Thank you so much. Regards". Julie M.

“I would have no hesitation in recommending this treatment to anyone who thinks their drinking is getting out of control. I didn"t drink every day but when I did I couldn"t stop after 1 or 2 glasses of wine I had to have the bottle or more. I tried to give up on my own but something would always happen and I"d crave a drink and start again. Since having the treatment on 5 Sept 09 I have not touched a drop of alcohol but what is even better is that I have absolutely no desire to, all cravings for alcohol have gone. It may seem like a lot of money to pay for something that seems too good to be true, but believe me it really does work. If you are reading the website then you are halfway to helping free yourself from alcohol, I would say go for it – you really will not regret it!!". Yvonne B

‘Having attended your London centre for one session, I am absolutely delighted with the results. I have not touched a drop of alcohol since and whilst I cannot honestly say that I have not been tempted on a few occasions, the withdrawal effects have been minimal and it has not been difficult for me to resist any temporary temptation. I am therefore extremely grateful to you for the change in lifestyle that this has brought about – I have lost weight, sleep more restfully and my general sense of well-being and self-respect has increased immensely". Steve Swann

‘It has been a very quick 4 weeks and I have to say that it has been fantastic. I stopped drinking the weekend before my meeting with you in London and had managed for those few days solely because I knew we were due to meet.  I am still alcohol-free today and continue to be stunned by how easy the whole process has been. I have not had any alcohol at all in the last 4 weeks and neither do I want any. I have however increased my fluid intake significantly in terms of sparkling water & cordials or tea which has led to my skin improving; I am sleeping like a log; not stressed to the same extent and waking up now happy and relaxed. I am also happily driving my other half nuts with Saturday morning visits to the market at 0800 followed by hot choc and bacon butties. For the first time in many years I am having fun. Wish I had done it sooner!  Still don"t really understand how the science works but quite honestly, that doesn"t bother me too much. What I do know is that it has worked and I have my life back. Thank you so much for this – really happy. I will keep you posted on progres. All the very best. Kate J

‘I had a 2 day detox in April 08 and a small top up in March 10, it has changed my life forever, I feel much more confident and in control, I am controlling the alcohol instead of it controlling me. I can function much better in life without thinking and craving alcohol all the time. I say to anyone reading this testimonial go for it, you will never look back, I haven"t". Ms M.L.

‘It is 5 weeks since any alcohol, no cravings. Been to several bars, pubs and parties and not even wanted a drink. Saved some money to as lime and soda on 16p!. Many thanks for your help and sure this will see me tea total for the rest of my life". Gary S

‘I can"t thank you enough for all your help in the first place and still find the treatment quite incredible. I am a true advocate and believe you must be truly turning people"s lives around".
Ms P.N.

‘Before starting the treatment my addiction which had been mainly controlled to the weekends began to take over my life to the point where I would be drinking and taking cocaine up to 5 days per week. In addition to this I am self employed with a wife and 4 children so not only was I ruining my life but that of my family and the career I had worked so hard to achieve. I had a 5 day treatment in which I was made to feel comfortable and an issue that could be resolved, a far cry from the counseling treatment I had previously encountered. Following the treatment my urges to drink/take cocaine had been removed and I began to realise all the things I had been missing out on by wasting my time on alcohol and drugs. If felt as though all the time in the world to do all the things I wanted. I have now started training in Judo again something that has not been part of my life for 6 years. But most of all the relationship with my family which was on the brink of collapse is now on track. Although I know there is still work ahead I believe without the treatment I have received I would not have had that spring board in order to make the first big leap to a better addiction free life". Mr K Smith

‘A big thank you for changing my life. My business was getting on top of me and I found myself in the pub after work every night to forget my stress of the day. I would go home and have dinner about 9pm and a few more drinks then off to bed. If I woke about 3 or 4am I found myself going downstairs to have quick drink to help me sleep. When I woke at 6am for work I felt terrible and depressed. This went on for over a year until I went to the clinic. I had a four day course and I go back once a month for six months (as I"m on the alcohol support program). I stopped drinking straight away and within a week felt totally different towards my work and most importantly of all, towards my family. I am drinking fizzy water instead and I"ve got a taste for it. Only drank once since and my head was spinning. When I woke in the morning I felt very depressed and remembered just how I use to feel – so I won"t be doing that again. Thank you so much for changing my life and making me a better person, I am very proud of myself and what I have achieved in the last 4 months. If you can relate to any of this you pick up the phone (that"s the hardest bit) and book a treatment, you won"t regret it I promise you!". Bob P

“Following my treatment, I have done well at not drinking. I did decide to have a drink one day as it was a school reunion, a rare event and beautiful day. I was pleasantly surprised at how well I controlled my drinking. Kind regards". S Smith

‘Here I am a whole month alcohol free and very pleased. I feel confident that I can restrict my drinking to the odd social occasion from now on. Many thanks for your help". Jeanie E

‘8 weeks have passed and so far I have had total success at staying alcohol free. I have been to the hen-party and wedding of a close friend and was happy to drink sparkling water on both occasions. My husband and I have eaten out or been to the pub on numerous occasions and again I have been more than happy to have water or a soft drink. I am really not missing alcohol and frequently recognise how fantastic it is to wake up minus after-effects / hangovers in the mornings. Thanks again for everything. I will stay in touch to let you know when I make it to the twelve week stage. Best wishes". Katrina

‘Thank you very much for offering this wonderful treatment. It has now been 7 weeks since my last alcoholic drink. It has been so easy I still have to pinch myself". Ms. N.B.

‘With regard to treatment, I haven"t touched a drop of alcohol since I visited the clinic, which will be four weeks on Wednesday. There has been a couple of times when I felt tempted, mainly when I am out socially. But the treatment without a doubt has taken away the craving with a little bit of willpower thrown in. Visiting the clinic has most certainly been the most positive thing I have done to control my drinking. As you stated and my thirst buds demand, i am drinking copious amounts of soft drinks and I am gradually losing the ‘beer belly"…Many thanks for your fantastic work. Regards". Mr G. F.

‘Hi, all going well so far…lost 1½ stone so well pleased! Many thanks". Jo H.

‘I was a little apprehensive before my arrival at the clinic but you soon put me at my ease and that made the whole process very relaxing and positive experience. I am thrilled to say that I have had no alcohol for the last four weeks, despite the arrival of my beautiful grandson. I felt amazingly different on the very first evening following the treatment and after day 2 even better, confident and relaxed because there were no withdrawals symptoms at all. I would recommend this treatment to anyone like me who has been struggling with alcohol for many years. I can"t remember exactly when alcohol had become a serious problem to me, it had probably been getting progressively worse over the last couple of years or more until it was the norm to drinking up to 2 bottles of wine a day. When I went for treatment I knew that it was 17 months since I"d had a whole week free of alcohol and I knew that I had had enough of waking up most morning trying to remember how much I"d drink the night before, wondering what I"d said or done whether I"d upset my husband or not. I occasionally think about having a drink but the thought is easily dismissed as there is no craving to deal with and I am happier to do without and to enjoy a soft drink. It has been easy to carry on with a normal life without alcohol and it is such a relief to feel like this. I cannot recommend this treatment highly enough to anyone who has had enough of themselves as a drinker. I was at the end of my tether and couldn"t see how I could find a way to a life without alcohol in control. I can now and that in itself is priceless". KT London

“My wife and I have both successfully completed the drink addiction course at Harley Street London”. Mr & Mrs Bob M. OBE

‘I am unbelievably impressed by this treatment. I haven"t touched a drop in over a month and have had absolutely no physical desire to do so. Psychologically, I have been a bit twitchy at social occasions but without the physical desire there has been no problem. Many thanks for your help". L White

“Like so many others who have had this treatment, my drinking was getting increasingly out of control, I just didn"t know when to stop. I was becoming increasingly dependant and out of control. The use of alcohol to relax, prepare for meetings even towards the end making a phone call, was compelling. I came across the clinic on the web and desperate for help booked in with some skepticism at that stage and had very little hope. The treatment was both painless and effective my first month alcohol free flew by. I have lost weight, regained my confidence and self respect. Thank you and I would recommend this treatment whole heartedly". Ms N. S

“I am amazed at how successful your treatment has been. I was sceptical to begin with but imagine my surprise when I arrived home after my first treatment and was happily able to ignore the bottle of chilled white wine sitting in my fridge! It just never occurred to me to want a drop. I am now into my fifth week of not rushing home to have my first drink of wine of the evening. At the weekends, I no longer wait impatiently for the ‘sun to be over the yardarm" so that I can open my first bottle. It is very liberating. I received some very good, long-awaited, news last Tuesday and a coupe of colleagues and I went out for lunch to celebrate. We shared a bottle of champagne over a long, enjoyable lunch and returned to the office ready for work. I was slightly concerned that it was too soon and I would return to my old way as soon as I got home, but I need not have worried. I still find it a little strange, but the last thing I wanted or needed was a glass of wine to ‘relax". Barring any further cause for celebration, I intend to complete another four week of total abstinence. After that, I look forward to a future of good times that are not dependent on whether I have a glass of wine in my hand but which I can enjoy even if I have. It"s nice to know when to stop and to be able to do so. Many thanks indeed". Mrs M O"Brien

“I was very worried at first that the treatment would not work, I would not say that I drank every day but when I did drink I wouldn"t know when to stop, this had been going on for 20 years. I embarrassed myself my family & friends. I went to the doctor for help, AA & a local alcohol counselling centre but nothing worked, as soon as I was stressed out or had a problem, I would drink until I would not think anymore but I would change into a different person, aggressive & nasty to people around me. The guilt & depression that followed the drinking was unbearable. The days spent in bed with a hangover, days missed from work. I wanted to go into rehab but could not afford it plus the fact I did not want people at work to know. I came across the treatment by chance when looking on the internet for a rehab place. I read everything, all the testimonials and thought all these people cannot be wrong. I rang up and had a chat about all my fears of the treatment not working. I told my close family & friends, many of them thought I was ‘wasting my money" but I was so desperate to be rid of the alcohol problem I went up to Harley St at the beginning of June to have a 2 hour treatment and I am just so amazed that I no longer crave a drink. One week after having the treatment I went on holiday to Spain but never drank, I have had many social occasions and I have not had a drink & have enjoyed myself so much more. I am not stressed as much, things do not upset me as much anymore, problems are sorted easier, all the things that I thought the drinking was helping me with. I like nothing better now than a nice cup of tea or cherry coke. It may to some sound boring but this is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I did have 2 glasses of wine after about 4 months but I discovered that I did not like it anymore. I cannot recommend enough the this treatment. If you are reading this, please, please have the treatment, you will never look back and you will be free of the destructive affects that alcohol has on you". Karen A

‘It has been 7½ weeks and still no alcohol which is great. Thanks again and all the best". K.G.

“I had my treatment for alcohol some months ago and feel very pleased about the outcome. I used to enjoy drinking beer on a daily basis (4 to 6 cans a day) and now I don"t enjoy beer anymore, I did give it a try and didn"t enjoy the taste. I tend to drink some wine once or twice a week (at the weekend) and nothing during the week and this makes me feel great within myself. Thank you so much”. Mr G. Strauss (p.s. I also stopped smoking at the clinic over a year ago).

“I felt fantastic the day after treatment. Have decreased habit considerably and now drinking a lot more responsibly, thank you". Ms J.B.

‘I am pleased to report that I have not had any alcohol in the last four weeks since I attended the treatment clinic at Harley St . As you recommended I intend to abstain for a minimum of a further two weeks before I consider reintroducing alcohol back into my life. Although I still experience the occasional urge for a beer I just have water instead and am feeling physically and mentally much better for it. I am very please with my progress to date and although it"s still early days, thanks to your treatment and some self-discipline, I"m feeling confident that I will be able to reintroduce alcohol in moderation in the future. Thanks for all your help so far". R Eaton

“Following my treatment for alcohol addiction in October 2008 I have not drunk any alcohol. Alcohol had become a huge problem for me and my consumption was out of control. I was desperate to stop and luckily for me I found the clinic. I had two sessions and afterwards suffered no withdrawals or side-effects. The clinic has given me my life back, I cannot recommend the treatment highly enough". Sallie Burrows.

“I am pleased to report a successful treatment. Despite going out for dinner on the first evening of the treatment and having two separate holidays in the first four weeks after the treatment I am really please to advise that I have abstained from my usual alcohol intake with relative ease. This has been all the more rewarding since there has subsequently been a change in my circumstance which previously would have almost certainly have necessitated a glass or two of wine to help ease the problem. Last night I tried my first sip of red in four weeks and was shocked to find that I did not like it. I later tried some of my usual white wine and again was shocked to find that I did not enjoy it. I believe that the treatment was a success and am now more confident in your expectation that my ‘need" for alcohol will reduce in the future". Karen

‘Second month into the therapy and all is well. I introduced a social drink at six weeks, very apprehensive but no problem. I have had a couple of situations when I had a drink and that was all. It"s weird but it works. Thanks". Cheryl.

‘I cannot thank you enough for your help with this treatment. I was very sceptical at first, but it is now almost 5 weeks and I am still keeping free of alcohol and finding it easy to do so. All my friends have commented on how well I look, my skin is clearer and my hair much shinier. I have also lost over a stone in weight (an added bonus), and because of the weight loss, I am also much fitter. Once again please accept my thanks for all your help". C. Lockley (Mrs)

“I am absolutely amazed at the impact the treatment sessions have had on my desire to drink. I had looked for years for a way out of my ‘habit" of taking one day out each week to binge, which actually cost me 2 days each week, the second being needed to recover from the effects of the first! I knew I did not possess the willpower alone to break the pattern and oddly I would go for days without any alcohol and then spend a day bingeing and the next day in recovery. I had considered a trip to a rehab unit but the idea of 2 weeks away from my business in group therapy sessions just did not appeal, so to come across your clinic was a real breakthrough, and it has worked. This is the intervention I had been looking for to support me in changing the pattern of behavior that was becoming so self-destructive. And one month along the road I have still not had any alcohol, either in drink or any food. There have been some frustrating times with work when I felt I needed a drink to unwind but those times have been few, I have smiled and sometimes had a cup of tea or sparkling water. And the effect of this abstinence? A clear head for one thing, an appreciation of living without a hangover, getting more work done and feeling pride that I have actually broken the pattern I have been trapped in for so many years. And the most important to me has been my wife"s appreciation of my achievement. So thank you for the new start, I have told several friends and clients about your clinic and they are thinking about the treatment for themselves. With all good wishes". Stewart M.

“Found no difficulty abstaining for 5 weeks. Did not even need my sleeping tablets. It is now controlled drinking with 2-3 days abstinence a week. Regards". Chris

“I was a relapsed alcoholic in desperate need of help as I was starting to drink more and more, whiskey, beer, port on a daily basis. Searching the internet I came across the clinic and my wife contacted them. I started my treatment being very sceptical. I have had 6 sessions. After only 2 sessions I began to feel the difference cutting down gradually and finding to my amazement that I was beginning to sleep and eat better. After 3 sessions my cravings were diminishing as was the amount of drink. By the 4th session I had completely stopped drinking or even thinking about drink. I have decided to carry on the 12 month alcohol support program to give me confidence…
I was sceptical to start with but since having the 6 sessions I feel that this is something that the NHS should take on board since I have come through it with more confidence that I have stopped drinking for good but without the hang-ups of being told that I am an alcoholic". David Flemming

“I feel much better and would recommend your treatment to anyone. More feedback next month when I will have had 8 weeks of abstinence, then decide whether to re-introduce alcohol at all! Many thanks". Update: “After 8 weeks, I can say I feel and sleep well and don"t have cravings for alcohol. Long may it continue. I cannot thank you enough after endless other treatments which worked for a while [days], your treatment certainly works. I shall keep you informed of my progress, at present I do not feel the need for alcohol at all". David R

“I could go on about how amazing it feels not to have alcohol control me. I am truly thankful at getting my life back! And am not a hopeless functioning alcoholic – just got into a bad habit. It was so easy. Thank you to everyone involved in this amazing therapy". Cheryl.

“Since I had your treatment at the beginning of September I haven"t drank any alcohol and felt much better in myself. I sleep well and find that I am much calmer and able to deal with the stresses of work etc in a much more rational way. I have also started to exercise 3/4 times a week and have lost 3 kilos over the past month. So many thanks for all your help". Chris Gold

“Treatment is going very well. Approximately 4 weeks of abstinence since my 2 days of treatment and am now reaping the benefits of energy, sleep and general well-being. Thanks". Neil M

“It"s worked! I haven"t had a drink nor any desperate urge to imbibe since the treatment over a month ago. I feel proud to have my self-control back thanks to your oh-so-easy treatment. Sleep is better, my mind clearer and I"m sure my liver is thanking me. Here"s to another month of tee-totaling and enjoying evenings without wine but rather more family friendly entertainment".
Mr Lockers

“Everything is going well without alcohol, I"m feeling better in health and pocket for that. Many thanks". Sheila H

‘All going well, 4 weeks into detox. Not craved at all". M.L.

For over 15 years I"ve been caught up in a vicious circle of alcohol and depression. After just one treatment I was able to deal successfully with a highly emotional and stressful situation, which normally, would have put me under the duvet with a bottle of vodka. I feel like a teenager again with my whole life in front of me but armed with the knowledge of life"s tough lessons. I can"t remember feeling so calm yet energetic, relaxed yet motivated. I even danced when I was sober which i haven"t done since the school disco!". MW

“You"ll be curious to know how I have fared since I came to visit in December and significantly before the Christmas and New Year. I definitely had developed a problem with alcohol and a reason to worry. I have not had to regret my decision to stop drinking, it worked! I even survived the Christmas and New Year celebrations, if that doesn"t speak volumes, I don"t know what does. I am feeling the benefits of not drinking now, more optimistic and more energetic. The first two weeks were a little of a roller coaster emotionally but then my mood picked up in a way I could not have expected and I intend to stay this way. This treatment was my present to myself and I thank you for doing this for me. I will not have a drink until my fathers celebrates his 60th in April. Will be in touch again". Dr C.H.

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