If you are addicted to cocaine, know that it is possible to free yourself from the clutches of drug dependency. The first step that you can take towards recovery is to enter a cocaine addiction treatment rehab. Read on to learn what you can expect once you take this step. Different facilities may offer different treatment programs, but the basics remain the same.

Detox at Mississippi Cocaine Addiction Treatment Rehab

One thing you can expect from cocaine addiction rehab Mississippi 39269 is detoxification or detox. Any addict who enters rehab undergoes detox, regardless of the substance abused. Detox is the first phase of the treatment plan, the process which enables patients to withdraw safely from drugs and alcohol. The purpose of detox is to cleanse the patient’s body of harmful substances and to minimize the physical effects that come with the cessation of drug intake. Medically supervised detox is a must because withdrawal symptoms can be potentially fatal. You may be given medications to relieve the symptoms and to reduce cravings during the detox period.

Counseling and Therapy at Cocaine Addiction Treatment Center

Detox alone does not treat addiction; it merely prepares the patient physically for the next phase of rehabilitation. Two things you can expect from cocaine addiction treatment centers are counseling and therapy.

Counseling is an important component of treatment, both for inpatient and outpatient care. In individual counseling, you will be working with a counselor to determine the heart of the problem—the root cause of the addiction. You will be sorting through feeling and thoughts, exploring what triggered you to use cocaine in the first place and what factors contributed to your abuse. In group counseling, you will be able to share your experience to people in the same situation.

There are different therapies used in treating cocaine addiction. Some use more traditional therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), while others make use of alternative therapies like yoga and acupuncture. The kind of therapy you will get depends on the program you entered and of course, your needs.

Aftercare at Jackson Cocaine Addiction Outpatient Rehab

Ongoing treatment is crucial for lasting recovery. If you are enrolled in a comprehensive cocaine addiction treatment rehab program, you can expect to have an aftercare program set in place for you to continue your journey to recovery after rehab. It may involve getting outpatient care, participating in support groups or living in a sober living home.

We are a helpline that specializes in helping cocaine addicts. Contact us if you are looking for treatment. Our counselors are available 24/7 to help you in your search. We will be happy to help you find the right treatment center for you.

Get Cocaine Detox Jackson Help Today

People are being destroyed by cocaine addiction. Addicts and their families are searching for drug rehabs that will provide the treatment they so desperately need. Struggling with a drug and alcohol addiction can be a very difficult and many times addicts and their families are just unaware of the different treatment options that are available to them. Not only are there 12 step programs, but also inpatient and outpatient rehab, detox, and residential rehab. If you or someone you know is searching for help in overcoming a drug and alcohol addiction,

Adult Chemical Dependency Program in Jackson Mississippi

Successful treatment of cocaine and other drug addictions is rooted in the immersion of a 12-Step Program and solid counseling administered by a competent and empathetic staff.

At Jackson Treatment Center, we believe that in order for an individual with alcohol or drug problems to find sobriety the following must be achieved:

Correction of distorted thinking and breakdown of the denial system; Recognition of the need for change; Acceptance of the tools for change; and Motivation to utilize these tools on a daily basis.

The various treatment modalities include: Individual Counseling, Group Counseling, Group Counseling, Didactic Groups, Therapeutic Activities including a ROPES course, Big Book studies, on and off campus 12-Step meetings and an interactive therapeutic milieu.

  • Adult
  • Young Adult
  • Collegiate
  • Recovering Professionals
  • Family
  • Christian Focus

Upon admission, patients are comprehensively assessed by our medical and clinical staff under the direction of Jackson Medical Director.

Our comprehensive assessment process includes:

  1. Complete History & Physical Assessment
  2. Biological/Psychological/Social Assessment
  3. Family Assessment
  4. Nursing Assessment
  5. Dietary Assessment
  6. Psychological Testing as indicated
  7. Recreational Assessment
  8. Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory
  9. Educational Assessment (Young Adults)

Jackson medical staff includes a licensed psychiatrist, licensed physicians, licensed physician assistant, registered nurses, licensed vocational nurses, and support personnel. All are carefully chosen for their expertise in treating addictions, and also for their compassion for our patients.

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