Alzheimer"s is the cause of more concern for people over 55 than any other condition. If you or a loved one is showing the signs of early-stage Alzheimer"s or have been diagnosed then this can be a stressful and emotional time but we can help. There are currently 800,000 people with dementia in the UK and two thirds of people with dementia are women.

Those with Alzheimer"s find themselves forgetting things more often, have more mood changes and problems with communication and reasoning which causes stress and anxiety to build up over time. Even when you fear the worst, the earlier you seek help, the better the chances of getting the treatment one needs to maximize their quality of life.

Changes in the brain start to occur 10 to 15 years before an Alzheimer"s patient starts to suffer serious memory problems so effective treatment can even delay the onset of Alzheimer"s and is seen as preventative healthcare.

We can help reverse the effects of Alzheimer"s and recover the loss of memory that makes this disease so dreadful for the individual and their families.

Our treatment goals are simple, to help:

  • Improve the cognition test score for people with early to mid-stage Alzheimer"s to 5 or above
  • Improve cognitive functions and communication skills, more alert and less confused
  • Improve health and quality of life for those with Alzheimer"s

Those with early-stage Alzheimer"s generally have a quicker response time to treatment than those with more serious mid-stage Alzheimer"s but both are capable of significant cognitive improvement with our treatment which leads to a better quality of life for themselves and their families.

Unique Treatment Method

Using our specialist skills and knowledge we have taken our unique detox methods and applied them to new areas and substances such as beta amyloids to help those with Alzheimer"s and dementia to improve brain function and help to reverse the effects of the disease. Our treatment uses advanced Informational Medicine which uses physics and frequency to stimulate cognitive improvement and mental stability.

Cognition Test

The cognition test is a simple yet effective way to measure and screen for dementia and is used doctors and others around the world. It has 9 questions and a score of less than 4 indicates cognitive impairment. If the patient scores between 5 and 8 out of 9, there is no significant cognitive impairment but more information is needed.

Nag Raja: Early-Stage Alzheimer"s: Cognition Test: Pre-Treatment Score: 2 Post Treatment Score: 8

A male patient aged 83, diagnosed with early onset 4 years ago attended for treatment and his initial cognition test score was 2 out of 9 (22.3%) which indicates ‘cognitive impairment" as expected. After 1 treatment session his score improved to 3 out of 9 (33.45%) and after 2 sessions it had significantly improved to 8 out of 9 (88.9%) with greater physical stability and increased mental awareness.

I am 83 years old and was diagnosed with Alzheimer"s 4 years ago. I am early stage and it has affected me both mentally and physically. My treatment at the clinic started on Monday at that point I could not remember the therapists name after being introduced some 5 minutes earlier nor could I remember my own date of birth and personal details so had to use a diary and notes. I was very forgetful and could not recall my grandsons name or age when asked. My balance and walking were unsteady and my handshaking was so bad I could not drink from a cup without spilling it. On my first cognition test I scored 2 out of 9. After the first day of treatment at the centre I returned the following day and noticed my sleeping had improved to 4 hours during the night. My handshaking had greatly reduced and my cognition test score had improved slightly to 3 out of 9. I managed to recall certain facts explained to me about the treatment from the previous day. I have returned Wednesday for my third treatment session and have been retested on the cognition test. Today I have scored 8 out 9. I can remember my date of birth, news items from yesterday and feel much better both mentally and physically". Nag Raja

Grace Adebowale – Mid-Stage Alzheimer"s: 2 Week Treatment Program – Cognition Score from 1 to 6

Grace"s is 79 with mid-stage Alzheimer" s but she has reduced the time taken to complete the test from over 8 minutes to over 6 minutes which is a significant difference and her cognition score has improved from 1 to 6 which is unheard of for people with mid-stage Alzheimer"s.

Health Improvements

When Grace started in treatment she was not sleeping very well and did not sleep for more than 1 hour at a time, her eating was very poor and only ate once a day, she also complained about a pepper/burning feeling in her head which was cause of great discomfort 24 hours a day. After treatment she is now sleeping for 6 to 7 hours at a time and the burning sensation in her head has almost gone while her eating has improved and she is now enjoying 3 meals a day. Physically and mentally she feels much better, is more aware with a much better quality of life, Grace is very happy with her improvements.

Treatment Program

The human body is essentially split into 2 parts: 50% is ‘chemistry" and 50% is ‘physics" and each influence human health accordingly. The body also responds to various beneficial input frequencies or ‘electroceuticals" which can help to improve physical health hence why our clients feel so much better during/after treatment.

The treatment is safe, painless and takes 2 hours per session. We also offer free one day trial – book now.

Treatment Costs

Alzheimer"s Stage No of Treatments Price per Treatment
Early-Stage 1 to 5 sessions $195.00
Mid-Stage 5 to 10 sessions $195.00
Free Trial: 1 Session 2 Hours FREE BOOK NOW

If you or a family member would like treatment then please complete the form and we will contact you to arrange a consultation or treatment date.