Heroin Addiction : the Facts

Heroin Detox ‘It works, it really does!!! I was sceptical at the beginning.  I didn”t understand how the treatment works it baffled me. But I had nothing left to loose, I had tried so many other ways to get clean and I never could manage it. The withdrawals process was simply too painful and I would always end up having to use again. I would use simply because it was too horrific and too painful not to use. The withdrawals from heroin left me suicidal and the thing that most appealed to me with this detox was that it promised […]

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Prescription Drug Addiction : the Facts

We can help the 1.5 million people who are suffering with an involuntary prescription drug addiction caused by Anti-Depressants, Benzos, Painkillers, Tranquilizers, Sleeping pills and other prescription medications. The problem of prescription addiction has, for years, been ignored or denied by drug companies and successive governments. However, in 2007-08 a House of Commons inquiry into addiction to prescription drugs concluded that action was needed but little to nothing has been done since to help, in fact none of the recommendations concerning ‘treatment” have been implemented. Addiction: Estimated No of Addicts: Annual Treatment Budget Illicit Drugs 320,000 $1.2billion Alcohol Dependents 1,100,000 […]

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Cocaine Addiction : the Facts

Professor Nora Volkow research suggests that simply ‘thinking or talking” about it can lead to its use. Hundreds of cocaine users and ex-users were scanned in a PET scanner, while scanning and discussing cocaine or showing images of its use, their dopamine signals/levels increased which control emotional response and their ability to experience pleasure. Cocaine powder, freebase and crack are all forms of cocaine. They are stimulants with powerful, but short-lived, effects. Stimulants temporarily speed up the processes of your mind and body. ‘Freebase” cocaine and ‘crack” cocaine, can be smoked, and so can reach the brain very rapidly in […]

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Alcohol Addiction : the Facts

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